Vision Quest Online

Vision Quest Online

Discover Your Grounded Path, Higher Value and Live the Life You Love with Vision Quest Online …

  • New Passion, Power and Purpose
  • Get Down to Who You Really Are, and
  • Why You Came to Earth
  • In just 3 hours  – You’ll love it !

This program gives you Clarity, expanded awareness, and Vitality by connecting deeply with your Nature, Your Vision, Your Values and Your Purpose,  plus Your meaningful, doable Action Plan.

Here’s What People say …

  • “Inspirational …. I re-wrote my business plan the next day” ….. Company Director
  • “I saw the importance of my role in my company & how I can add so much more value” – Manager
  • “I really got why I’ve not been tapping my full potential…. this has been a real breakthrough for me … the easy & welcome way that you helped us connect with the land, and with my true self, and the group energy you brought together helped me see this – CEO & business leader

vision quest online


This Vision Quest online program gives you expanded Clarity, Awareness and Vitality by connecting you deeply with Your Nature, Your Value and Your whole self.

Guided by Richard T. O’Neill BE, FAIM an explorer, songman, business professional and journeys leader, with over 33 years of international experience in corporates, SMEs and government, as a business owner, business planner, consultant, coach, and mentor, you will see how you and your business can add so much more value in this 2 hour online event with powerful processes for Vision, Values and Path clarity.

Connect & Create with new levels of Your & Your Identity, Creativity & Power with new awareness & understandings from the Nature of this ancient planet ….

Treat yourself to this special Vision Quest Online experience including –

  • Connect & Communicate with Expanded Awareness – Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic
  • Power & Energy from Centring & Grounding your body electrically
  • Nature’s Principles for Thriving Success … Practical tools for easy implementation
  • New Understandings of – Vision, Values, Power, Purpose, Passion & Path, Identity, Clarity, Focus, Intention, Cycles
  • A virtual and in nature walk to relax & personal tools for expanding awareness and self mastery
  • Adding Higher Value with Balance in the market – Conscious conversation post-event forums
  • Evolution Insights, Ancient Wisdom & tools to empower Your Relationships & Business !
  • Includes Vision Results follow up, Network Group, and Mastermind & Personal Coaching opportunities
  • Work Book and templates downloads included

You will learn and experience these principles and more. Presented by Richard T. O’Neill BE, FAIM …… Richard delivers an engineer’s practicality, scientific logic, ancient wisdom and creative synergy to produce extra-ordinary outcomes.

The Vision Quest Online Course Modules and Lessons include …

Module 1

  • Lesson 1 Access Power And Certainly
  • Lesson 2 Intro To Exercise
  • Lesson 3 Grounding Exercise
  • Lesson 4 Review Grounding Walk
  • Lesson 5 Nature Walk Experience
  • Lesson 6 Grounding Review

Module 2

  • Lesson 1 Discover Your Power Is In Your Values
  • Lesson 2 Discover Your Hidden Values
  • Lesson 3 Values and Identity Review

Module 3

  • Lesson 1 Introduction
  • Lesson 2 Vision Purpose Clarifer
  • Lesson 3 Your Personal Action Plan
  • Lesson 4  Review And Support

The course is 3 hours of practical delivered course material, including workbook, videos and templates, that you can do in your own time – faster or slower. If you are not happy with your purchase, just email us for a full refund. A Full 30 day unconditional guarantee applies. Vision Quest Online cost is just AUD $97. 


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