Vision Mission Values


Inspired and Vitalized people and planet in increasing harmony together, living empowering lives aligned to expanding consciousness and higher purpose.


Our Mission to accomplish this is building teams and networks to lead, teach, sing, dance, heal, and create clarity for others and self and build nature awareness and connection to enable expansion of the experience of unconditional love and personal empowerment.


  • INTEGRITY – Meaning “Oneness” – All life is interconnected and interdependent (Your relationships are Key – thank you for relating to us)
    CREATIVE – We reap what we sow. What we focus on expands. We create our reality by the energy we radiate (Did you think you might read this?)
    TEAM & FAMILY – Living life to the full and expanding vitality through connected people. Sharing our love and message, and Respecting Individuals as to where they are now on their Journey.
    FREEDOM – Enabling self joy and expression for self actualization & enlightenment
    SERVICE – Delivering great value beyond sales – Yes there is more !
    CARING – Support & safety for inspired evolution of self, customers and all beings
    ADVENTUROUS – Exploring and leading new ways & challenges and new creativity.
    VITALITY – Optimizing health, wealth of people (financial, relationships, life), nature, organisms and organizations
    LEARNING – While we live we grow, and learn – we teach and share and Inspire people’s creativity, life purpose and path to peace and fulfilment. (Where do you want to go today ?)