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  • Export Sales, Export Marketing & International Market Research 
  • Sales, Marketing, Trade Events & Promotions
  • Technology Development Services
  • International Business Development
  • Market Intelligence Research & Reports 
  • Export Marketing Planning & Management 

SALES & MARKETING services we offer to building products suppliers are unique & backed by more than 33 years keen commercial experience and include –

  • Identification, Qualification and Matching products to distributors
  • Product Presentations and Promotion to architects and specifiers
  • Project specification support and follow through
  • Trade show Exhibition & follow up
  • Business Matching

Your Export, Import and International Business Development needs, including Market Research, Sales & Marketing Representation, Prospect Identification and Qualification, Promotion, Partner/Competitor Research, Negotiation, Strategic Marketing and Business Planning are provided by Excelink-Pacific.

Managing Director, Richard O’Neill developing trade in Hong Kong


“You guys do really good work …. you found out things even we would not have found out – Your reports are really good value for money.”

Chief Executive – Ronstan International – marine & architectural products manufacturer

Activities have included –

  • South America – Marketing Missions tapping fast growth Big Emerging Markets
    USA & Canada – Marine and sports sales commenced in 1983. Contacts in many industries.
    United Kingdom & Europe – Marketing Missions have built on excellent relationships.
    Indonesia – Exhibitions and sales has lead to strong sales and joint ventures.
    Hong Kong & China – Exhibitions and marketing have built on established relationships.
    Vietnam – Facilitated sale of 1st Australian cotton. Experience in textiles, building, food, education
    Japan – Excellent connections in Japan – food, manufacturing, education, computer, tourism etc.
    Korea – Relationships with key players in travel, education, engineering, food, info tech etc
    Also Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pacific Islands, India, UAE, Germany, Europe, Africa, France

Projects have included –

  • Market Research projects for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
  • Business and Marketing Planning for large and small Australian & overseas businesses.
  • Sales Representations & Trade exhibition promotions with sales follow through.

Current or past work has been with – BHP, Boral, South Pacific Commission, JETRO, EFIC, Queensland Cotton, Uniting Church Conference Centres, Enware Australia, Koala Park, Pacific Economics, Accomplish Software, Ronstan International, Coursemaster, Muir Winches, and many others …… see list of clients and sample work below.
Services include –

  • Export & Import Trade Missions, Representation, Market Research, Sales, Marketing
  • Market Intelligence Research & Reports 
  • Consulting & Business Development on Project basis (research, trade shows etc)
  • Business Matching – Identifying and Qualifying Your Preferred Business Partners.
  • Tourism Marketing & Operations – Co-creating awareness and enjoyment of our environment
  • Training programs expanding team creativity, market awareness & wealth creation.

Skills are in Sales, Marketing, Management & Engineering including in the following areas –
* Manufacturing * Marine * Sport * Leisure * Printing * Technology * Communications ** Transport * Computer software * Energy * Agriculture * Construction * Medical * Textiles * Tourism * Food/Catering * Education/Training * Wholesale & Retail * Information Services *

Excelink-Pacific work with integrity and commitment to achieve Win/Win results for clients, customers & communities.

We work in a world of amazing opportunity and expansion. Join us !

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Your Needs ….. are Our Mission

Export Research, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Consulting

Excelink-Pacific ADD VALUE for clients by achieving cost effective sales & marketing, research, consulting, representation, partner or distributor identification and qualification, and  planning to assist clients local and global sales and business development by connecting, building and empowering relationships with  people.


“You guys do really good work …. you found out things even we would not have found out”
Your reports are really good value for money.”

Chief Executive – Ronstan International – marine & architectural products manufacturer

“Muir Winches have been very satisfied with the marketing work …. The fast feedback, and
positive leads have allowed us to act promptly in liaising with new prospects in the Middle East,
India and South America. We plan to use Excelink for other projects to boost our export marketing sales”

Managing Director – Muir Engineering – marine, engineering & heating products manufacturer

“I have just received your prompt report on your trip to South Africa. I appreciate the dispassionate tone of the report and the factual back up information which goes to support it. Often I get reports which don’t give much direction but just weigh the pro’s and con’s, you haven’t done that, you’ve given clear and practical advice.

I’m confident in your advice …. you clearly understood what we needed to know. Thanks again, it’s top value for money.”

Export Manager – Top 50 Australian listed company – Home & Building products manufacturer

Business Development Services – Our Mission
Excelink-Pacific add value for clients by providing cost effective sales & marketing representation, consulting, research and marketing services to assist clients international and Australian sales & business development by interlinking, empowering and building of relationships amongst people.

Products and Services

Your needs are our focus. We cater for clients with needs at all levels, from those developing new products, up to experienced international suppliers. Our services include exploratory and research work, sales and marketing representation or monitoring overseas operations, & include –

* Contract Sales Representation, Market Research, Follow-up, Support & Marketing Services

* Consulting & Business Development on Project basis (research, trade events etc)

* Personal Sales, Marketing Representation, Follow-Up

Better business is done when customers meet face to face with some-one regularly. We make regular local & overseas personal representation & sales calls for clients, cost effectively.  This can be on a contract basis exclusively for you, or costs shared with compatible clients.

* Market Research, Recommendations
Excelink-Pacific provide tailored sales and local or overseas marketing services including qualitative research targetting key people, on behalf of clients.

* Consulting / Business Development / SWOT Analyses / Strategic Planning

Consulting & Business Development is on a project basis, and can include Strategic Planning, qualifying prospects or partners and implementing and monitoring sales & marketing campaigns.

* Trade Exhibitions / Events with Research and/or Sales Promotion

Sales & Marketing Services linked with trade exhibitions or events. Some of our special services can be very effective for market entry and customer awareness and research, or agent support. Talk to us about your needs.

Local & International Trade markets & trade events are being visited and considered at all times.

Call for the latest details.

Referees & Clients

Australian current or past clients, and organizations familiar with our work –

A.A. Tegel Pty Ltd, Accomplish Software, Air Grilles Pty Limited, April Waterproofing Systems Austrade – Australian Trade Commission, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Australian Tourist Commission, Blue Line Cruises, BFD Bathroom Accessories, BHP / Australian Iron & Steel, Bo-Ema Coffee Machines, Boral Limited, Blue Mountains Adventure Company, Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum, Chamber of Manufactures of NSW, Clearview Aluminium Windows, Coursemaster Autopilots, CSR Building Products, Echo Hills Aussie Bush Holidays, Enware Australia, Export Finance and Insurance Corporation – EFIC, Flair International, Fowler Bathroom Products, Great Australian Walks Ingrams Bright, Innovation Centre of NSW, James Hardie Industries, Japan External Trade Organization – JETRO, Koala Park & Koala Park Day Tours, Katherine Adventure Tours, Kosciusko Chalet, Leigh Mardon, Medicraft Australia and Metpro Sydney Metal Products, Muir Winches & Windlasses, Ausindustry / NIES, Ogden Industries (Lockwood, Efco, Neta), O’Reilly’s Rainforest Guesthouse, Queensland Cotton, Reeves Engineering, Famco/Rham Industries, Rheem, Ronstan International, South Pacific Commission, State Chamber of Commerce NSW, SVP Industries, Sydney Heli Scenic, Taubert Technologies Pty Limited, Uniting Church Conference Centres, University of New South Wales – Food Technology Division, Vaqua/Distillation and Waste Management.

Marketing Reports produced by Excelink-Pacific include –

Export Market Reports – samples –

Marine Products – South America, Marine Hardware & Electronics Products – South Africa
Marine Hardware & Electronics Products – United Kingdom & Middle East,
Processed Tuna from Pacific Islands,

PacRim Building Industry Information Reports

Tourism Marketing – Germany, United Kingdom, Tourism Marketing – United States
Tourism Marketing – South Africa, India, Middle East
Industrial Safety Products – Middle East, India, Industrial Safety Products – Singapore
Industrial Safety Products – Indonesia, Malaysia
Industrial Safety Products – South America – Brazil, Argentina, Chile
Pumps – Middle East, Automotive Components – Korea,

Mobile Telephone Accessories – Holland, Mobile Telephone Accessories – United Kingdom,

Stationary Products – United Kingdom,

Building (Fencing) products – Korea & Japan,

Computer Industrial Hardware & Software – Middle East, Africa, Computer Industrial Hardware & Software – India

Hot Water Systems – Africa, Hot Water Systems – United Kingdom,

Hot Water Systems – Indonesia, Building Products – Vietnam,

Plumbing Products – Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam

Australia Marketing Reports – samples –

Sports & Leisure Goods, Processed Foods, Health Care Goods, Custom Jewellery, Electrical Connectors, Air Movement Products (Fans), Wine Barrel Market, Timber Mill
Machinery, Vacuum Pumps, Rubber Flooring Products, Machine Tools, Computer Software

Experience is also in numerous other industries and regions.

Trade Missions & Exhibitions are conducted in conjunction with promotions, and research.

We operate globally & locally and deliver results cost effectively because of our high intention
to connect and deliver what clients need.

Here’s How to Increase Your Profits ….  with Product Differentiation

key to success in export markets, especially when a business operates on a smaller scale than it’s competitors, is frequently product differentiation.

Where a business expects to produce at a higher unit cost than it’s competitors, it must be able to justify higher prices or accept lower profits and the risk of being increasingly unprofitable.

Higher prices can only be justified if customers see and believe the products are in some way
different to those offered by competitors.

You can create Differentiation from such things as –

  • presentation, including 1st impressions and timely response – differentiates company as supplier
  • design & materials of construction
  • promotion, including “packaging”
  • product performance characteristics
  • durability & reliability
  • ease of operation
  • availability, warehousing, production & delivery times
  • after sales support & operator training
  • skills of sales and technical support staff
  • financing arrangements

How do your products score ? ….

Do buyers of your products believe your company and it’s product range is different from your
competitors and their products ? How do you know ?

Have you conducted realistic unbiased market research to confirm this ?

Are these differences seen as benefits by users, or obstacles ?

Are customers prepared to pay extra for your products in order to obtain these benefits ?

Do these benefits apply across all potential users of the products rather than there being
pronounced differences in customer perceptions & expectations in different market segments ?

Can you use these differences to create market segments or niches in which you have
significant sustainable competitive advantage ?

Your awareness of customer perceptions can give you greater profits. Excelink finds the answers.

Our Process for Assessment of International Prospects – Key Points

The following Key Points are a guide we use in assessing & qualifying future export business partners or buyers, whether targets are end users, distributors etc.

Our work is a combination of promotion, sourcing this information and establishing and building a rapport with the prospect to best meet the objectives.

  • Market Shares & Sales volumes of associated products, by quantities and value
  • Other key agencies held, years with these, changes expected.
  • What are significant trends, reasons for any brand changes
  • What geographic areas are realistically covered.
  • What market segments are targetted, and covered.
  • What are considered selling points for these products
  • What obstacles are foreseen for product in this market
  • Suggest promotional method and budgets
  • What extra market information is required
  • Distributors expected size and frequency of ordering
  • What stocks would you aim to hold
  • What servicing arrangements are available
  • Market position relevant to competitors
  • Who would be responsible for these products market development
  • What are future plans of company – Source company profile and brochures
  • How many customers are visited regularly
  • Number of sales calls per month per salesman
  • How often is each customer seen each year
  • Average customer order size expected
  • Years in business
  • Names and ages of senior executives
  • Number, and Names and ages of salesmen
  • Memberships of trade associations
  • Details of bankers

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