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Natures Impact on cortisol levels concentration and happiness

Natures Impact on cortisol levels concentration and happinessNatures Impact on cortisol levels, concentration, and happiness  has been the subject of various scientific studies. Here’s a summary of key findings from different research in these areas:

  1. Cortisol Levels:
    • A study published in “Frontiers in Psychology” (2019) found that spending 20-30 minutes in nature significantly reduced cortisol levels. Participants who sat or walked in natural settings experienced a substantial decrease in stress, as measured by saliva cortisol concentration.
    • Another study in “Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine” (2007) showed that forest environments promoted lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rates, and lower blood pressure, compared to city settings.
  2. Concentration and Cognitive Function:
    • Research by Kaplan and Kaplan, known as the Attention Restoration Theory (ART), suggests that natural environments have restorative effects on attention. They posit that nature allows the brain to recover from directed attention fatigue, commonly experienced in urban environments.
    • A study in the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” (2008) demonstrated that walking in nature or even viewing scenes of nature can improve attention and memory performance by around 20%.
  3. Overall Happiness and Mental Well-being:
    • The concept of “Green Care,” where interaction with nature is used as a therapeutic intervention, has gained traction. Studies have shown that activities in natural settings can lead to improvements in mood and reductions in anxiety.
    • A large-scale study in “Scientific Reports” (2019) involving data from 20,000 people found that spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and psychological well-being.

Its seems clear, if you want peak performance from yourself and staff, take note of natures Impact on cortisol levels, concentration, and happiness.

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