Laser Coaching Calls

Laser coaching calls

Laser coaching calls
Richard O’Neill – Senior Coach

Laser coaching calls are a type of coaching session where a coach and a client engage in a focused and intensive conversation to address specific issues or goals. The term “laser” refers to the idea of being precise, focused, and efficient, just like a laser beam.

During a laser coaching call, the coach works with the client to identify the specific area or issue that they want to work on. This could be anything from improving communication skills, setting better boundaries, or managing stress more effectively.

Once the issue has been identified, the coach and client work together to create an action plan to address it. The coach may use a range of coaching techniques and tools to help the client gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and take action towards their goal.

Laser coaching calls are typically shorter than traditional coaching sessions, lasting anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. This allows for a quick and focused discussion that can be easily fit into a busy schedule. Many coaches offer laser coaching as a standalone service or as a complement to longer coaching packages.

We offer Laser coaching calls in a number of our coaching packages

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